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How to setup email forwarding for MailGun

When using MailGun you will want to setup an email forwarding known as “routing” which will allow any incoming email to to be forwarded to an existing email such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc. Log into your MailGun account and click on the “Routes” tab. Now click on the “Create Route” button which you […]

How to move one cPanel server to another

In this tutorial I will explain a simple and straightforward method for migrating your cPanel accounts from one server to another. This is a great tool if your moving servers or are a reseller moving to another server. The following are the requirements: cPanel on both servers WHM access on the new server (one that […]

How to set width of embedded media in WordPress 3.5

Since WordPress 3.5, the option to set the width and height of embedded media has been removed. Open wp-content/themes/your-theme/functions.php, add the following: if ( ! isset( $content_width ) ) $content_width = 600; Simply replace the “600” with the respective width you would like to use.

How to disable memberslist viewing in phpBB3

In this tutorial I will explain how to disable memberlist viewing from guests/members, so only admins/mods can view it. Open memberlist.php, Find: // The basic memberlist Before add: if (!$auth->acl_get(‘m_’) || !$auth->acl_get(‘a_’)) { trigger_error(‘NO_VIEW_USERS’); } Open styles/prosilver/template/overall_header.html, Find: Replace with: If you want to only block the memberlist do the following: Change: if (!$auth->acl_get(‘m_’) || […]

How to convert from Movable Type to WordPress

This tutorial was written on WordPress 3.4.1 and works as of WordPress 3.4.1. Part 01 – Installations Install a FRESH copy of WordPress ( Login to your Movable Type site and export your blog posts. You will be prompt to save a .txt file, which is what you want. Install the “Movable Type” converting plugin […]

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