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How to disable automatic restart on Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7

If you are getting the Blue Screen of Death in your Windows 7 IOS and want to disable that so you can find the cause of it, follow these simple little steps. Right-click on Computer, select Properties. Click Advanced System Settings. On the Advanced tab, under “Startup and Recovery”, click “settings”. Under “System Failure”, uncheck […]

How to convert from Movable Type to WordPress

This tutorial was written on WordPress 3.4.1 and works as of WordPress 3.4.1. Part 01 – Installations Install a FRESH copy of WordPress ( Login to your Movable Type site and export your blog posts. You will be prompt to save a .txt file, which is what you want. Install the “Movable Type” converting plugin […]

How to list page or category links in WordPress

These simple peices of code will allow you to display page or category links in your WordPress theme. To list pages use the following code: You can exclude specific pages by changing the above code to the following: Just replace 1 with the ID of the page and add a coma to list more than […]

How to mass change article slug urls in WordPress

This piece of PHP code will mass change your WordPress slug links to default slugs WordPress would normally generate from your article titles. Open wp-config.php, add the following at the bottom: Save and upload your new wp-config.php and load your home page only one time. Once the loading is completed, remove the code from your […]

How to add custom avatar in WordPress

Gravatar has become really easy to use custom avatars across multiple platforms. What if your users don’t use Gravatar or have an avatar, a default avatar is loaded in it’s space. It is recommended you brand your default avatar to your website. First, lets make sure you have a custom avatar image ready. If you […]

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