How to combine text files into one with single file with Windows command

Here is the simplest way you can combine multiple text files into one single file.

  1. Move all the text files you want to be merged into one folder.
  2. Move that folder to C:\ and name it “temp”.
  3. Rename all the text files in order such as text1.txt, text2.txt text3.txt etc.
  4. Open command prompt by clicking start and typing “cmd”.
  5. Once the black box pops up type the following “cd..” and click enter. Type “cd..” once more and click enter.
  6. Now type “cd temp” and click enter.
  7. Now that we are in the correct folder to type the command to combine all the text files into one.
  8. Type the following “copy *.txt target.txt” – you can replace “target.txt” with whatever you want the new combined file to be named.

Once completed you will now have everything in one single .txt file.

Date: May 08, 2013

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  1. Jose_49 says:

    Thanks a lot!!!! :D Saved me around 4 – 5 hours of work!!!

  2. alex says:

    well thanks babe, you just saved me copypastaing 169 giant txt files (around 130,000 lines a peice)

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