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How to copy all file names in a directory to a text file in Windows

Step 01: Open up your command prompt by typing cmd in the run dialog box and hitting Enter. Step 02: Navigate to the directory which has the files and type the following command – DIR /B /O:N > filename.txt This will save all the filenames in the current directory to a text file. The text […]

How to set width of embedded media in WordPress 3.5

Since WordPress 3.5, the option to set the width and height of embedded media has been removed. Open wp-content/themes/your-theme/functions.php, add the following: if ( ! isset( $content_width ) ) $content_width = 600; Simply replace the “600” with the respective width you would like to use.

How to disable memberslist viewing in phpBB3

In this tutorial I will explain how to disable memberlist viewing from guests/members, so only admins/mods can view it. Open memberlist.php, Find: // The basic memberlist Before add: if (!$auth->acl_get(‘m_’) || !$auth->acl_get(‘a_’)) { trigger_error(‘NO_VIEW_USERS’); } Open styles/prosilver/template/overall_header.html, Find: Replace with: If you want to only block the memberlist do the following: Change: if (!$auth->acl_get(‘m_’) || […]

How to connect to more than one IRC server with mIRC

There are a couple different ways you can connect to more than one IRC server. It all depends on if you want to always reconnect to the initial server or if you’re only connecting once. Method 1: If you want to connect to another server on the fly, meaning once you close mIRC it will […]

How to combine text files into one with single file with Windows command

Here is the simplest way you can combine multiple text files into one single file. Move all the text files you want to be merged into one folder. Move that folder to C:\ and name it “temp”. Rename all the text files in order such as text1.txt, text2.txt text3.txt etc. Open command prompt by clicking […]

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